Babcox Media Increases Performance with Smart AdServer

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To learn how you can easily increase performance using Smart AdServer’s solution.

Learn how Smart AdServer helped Babcox to increase performance and maximize yield by providing a robust full stack platform and ready-to-use rich media formats.

The Challenge

Babcox Media, a business-to-business media and information services company serving the auto care, tire, performance, commercial trucking, powersports and enthusiast markets, was looking for a way to increase performance.

Its legacy solution presented a number of issues. Babcox was using two different providers for ad serving and ad-creation-related services. Working with disparate vendors meant extra work and costs, different reporting methods and other issues.

The Smart AdServer Solution

Babcox Media’s executive team chose Smart AdServer as its new provider for several reasons:

1- Smart AdServer enables Babcox Media to maximize yield through a robust platform that optimizes the value of each ad impression. Babcox Media can also precisely manage inventory and ad delivery on any platform using cutting-edge forecasting, targeting and big data reports.

2- Smart AdServer offers a gallery of ready-to-use rich media ad formats for display campaigns: expandable, video, native ads, Rising Stars and more. The gallery makes it simple to build and deliver great ad experiences.

3- The mobile gallery offers rich media on mobile and tablets at Babcox Media’s fingertips. Smart AdServer provides customizable ad templates for mobile web and mobile applications to deliver amazing ad experiences without any technical expertise.

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Consolidation of Platforms: With Smart AdServer, Babcox Media no longer had to deal with complexities and added costs of working with two providers. Instead, Babcox could work with a single provider that’s more cognizant of its needs, providing superior customer service.

High-Impact Ads: “I like Smart’s gallery of high-impact ads,” explains Babcox Media Manager Jeff Phillip. Smart AdServer worked to connect Babcox Media’s sites via API so Babcox could keep enabling its clients to automate the serving of the creative. That enabled ad traffickers to continue working with Smart AdServer to seamlessly distribute any new ads to all of Babcox Media’s sites.

Control Campaign Management: With its previous vendor, Phillip said, Babcox Media had only limited naming conventions for ads, and had to choose from a finite list of ad types. Smart AdServer is wide open, enabling Babcox Media to use the naming conventions that make the most sense for Babcox. Now its naming choices are unlimited.

Proactive Customer Support: “Sometimes it’s scary when you switch to something new, but they’ve been great,” Phillip said. “Smart AdServer is very proactive and responsive when it comes to supporting us. They’ve scheduled a weekly call just to ask if we need anything.”

This case study was originally published by on February 10, 2017. 

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