Madvertise Diversifies Mobile Monetization Strategy Using Alternatives to Interstitials

Why should you read this article ?
Because every publisher needs to know which alternatives to mobile interstitials really work.

Learn how Smart AdServer helped Madvertise successfully integrate mobile interstitial alternatives into its monetization strategy. Utilizing formats like parallax and native were key!

madvertise smart interstitial

madvertise interstitial alternatives

The Challenge

Madvertise challenged Smart AdServer to help its premium publishers monetize their mobile app and mobile web inventory both programmatically and through
direct sales. With Google’s promise to downgrade the search ranking of mobile sites that use what it has labeled “intrusive mobile interstitials,” Madvertise was especially in need of profitable alternative formats.


The Solutions

Provided Madvertise with successful monetization formats to use as alternatives to mobile interstitials: Supplied high-revenue, easy-to-operate and RTB-enabled alternative formats such as parallax video and native.

Standardized innovative formats within publisher content and worked with the client to create custom solutions: Joint collaboration resulted in an innovative, high-impact, and minimally disruptive native parallax format available for both display and video on mobile and in-app.

Provided a platform that can handle premium ad network business objectives like margin optimization: Supplied dedicated network features such as a strong API, mandatory for the campaign and revenue management of an ad network. Significantly increased the number of transactions using a unique holistic yield algorithm and dedicated dynamic passbacks to avoid discrepancies and lost impressions.

Guaranteed local guidance and support throughout Europe: Smart AdServer helped Madvertise monetize in various countries, supplying a dedicated Technical Account Manager and a Yield Manager as well as offering country-specific guidance and tech support in the local language.



The Results

After Five Months (August – December)

High demand in open auction for parallax video formats

6x impressions: Constant increase of impressions with no disturbance of global revenue stream

For most successful parallax video mobile web format:

+ 8x increase in parallax video impressions

+62% in paid CPM

Download the case study in PDF format.

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